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Stretching at work

Taking the time to stretch throughout the day can have numerous health benefits. Stretching can improve flexibility and is an important activity to warm up or cool down after exercise. Stretching can also be a fun and healthy break from your computer screen during the work day.


Stretch Videos are now available. Why not configure regular reminders in your calendar, and link to the videos to keep you mobile throughout the day? Try The Banana, The Emu, Reach for the Sky, The Rock, The Twister and The Yes & No today.


This Office Stretch Sheet provides you with 6 simple and effective stretches that you can complete whilst sitting at your work station. The Standing Stretch Sheet is perfect to do before a lunchtime walk, and for those who have standing roles.


We recommend you repeat each stretch twice, and hold each time for 20 seconds.


Print a copy and pin it up next to your workstation to remind you and your colleagues – have you stretched today?



An eye catching representation of the health benefits that can be gained by exercising for 30 minutes a day. Download your copy here


Step Count Diary

The Step Count Diary is an easy to use resource can provide valuable feedback with the use of a pedometer. You can review your activity levels week to week and see how your activity patterns are changing.


Physical Activity in the Workplace: A Guide

The EIM Physical Activity in the Workplace: A Guide is intended to support organisations in the promotion of physical activity in the workplace and to reduce sedentary behaviour. It is a collation of current evidence and best practice, including a toolkit of resources and audit tools.


Download the guide here


Topics covered include:

  • Recommended levels of physical activity
  • sedentary behaviour
  • barriers to increasing physical activity
  • promoting active transport
  • empowering employees, and
  • making physical activity a cultural fit.

The targeted audience of this guide includes senior management, human resource units, health promotion units and workplace health committees. It’s content and recommendations are applicable to small, medium and large organisations.